Mary Kate and Ashley Style

Everyone has their own unique style, whether or not they realize it. Personal style can be categorized by personal clothing preference. Clothing preferences could be anything from polo tee shirts to dressy pant suits. Personal style is not always reflected by what a person wears. Sometimes, personal style is forcibly hidden as a result of financial restraints that places limitations on personal style.

Being a trendsetter is like pioneering through uncharted land. You set out on a gut feeling and hope for the best. If you look at fashion history, it is marked with questionable styles and odd combinations that, over time, caught on and became a fashion fad. One example would be the side pony tail, scrunches, balloon pants and mini skirts. It can be challenging to be a trend setter, but fashion is a work of art and a great way for personal expression. Personal style can change through the years as one changes, matures and ages. There are examples in the Hollywood scene that prove how drastically a person’s style can change. One example of changing and evolving personal style is Mary Kate and Ashley’s.

Olsen Twins Fashion Storm

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are the perfect example of how fashion as a youth changes and evolves with age, maturity and responsibility. The Mary Kate and Ashley style was once considered a bit off, grungy and battered. One media site even referred to Mary Kate’s personal style as homeless wear and something a bag lady would wear. Through the years, Mary Kate and Ashley style had changed and grown. In the constant eye of the media and public view, the Olsen twins chose to stay true to their own unique style, not caring what others thought about their personal choice. Mary Kate and Ashley may be twins and share DNA, but when it comes to Mary Kate and Ashley style, the two could not be more different.

Though their fashion taste and personal style may at one time have been called into question, the twin girls have definitely made their mark in the fashion world, and are taking the fashion world by storm. The Mary Kate and Ashley style clothing line is a popular and affordable one. Mary Kate and Ashley are not only fashion icons, they are also savvy business women that understand the tough economic stance America has found itself in, so they have designed several different clothing lines that are guaranteed to meet everyone’s clothing budget. Olsenboye is one of the affordable clothing line that boast Mary Kate and Ashley style by displaying articles of clothes that reflect their personal travels.

Fashion Genius

Recently, Mary Kate and Ashley style has taken a new fashion genius turn. The fashionable twins have partnered with BeachMint to create a monthly tee shirt club. BeachMint is an exclusive site created for individuals that desire to look like a celebrity but do not have the financial means or the fashion know how. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are just two of the many celebrities that have partnered with BeachMint to help give everyone the option of wearing fabulous custom pieces.

Once a style profile is created on StyleMint’s site, the profile is handed down to one of the celebrities or fashion icons to review. Each month, a new piece will be handpicked and customized to fit the style and taste of the StyleMint member and shipped to his or her door. StyleMint is an exclusive site that allows the average person to shop in an above average way at price that are below average. is a unique opportunity to get to know stars personally and have them be your personal shopper!

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